Photo Gallery

Southport Yacht Club

Shot from helicopter, the Southport Yacht Club is situated on the beautiful Gold Coast inland river

Aurora Borealis

Shot 20 minutes from Svensby ferry in Norway

Parkway Drive

For their 10 year anniversary tour the played in Brisbane at the Tivoli

Thorny Devil

A common site in Western Australia when travelling on the roads

Showing the bull who’s boss

While working a rodeo in Laura, Queensland. Showmen sometimes get n the wrong side of the bull

Sun in the north

Sunlight shines through the large ant mounds in Northern Queensland

Man or beast

Sometimes filming nature we have the ability to become face to face with Australian beast's

Little fish catch big fish

While in Northern Queensland cast nets are a must to get live bait fish for fishing

Food for sight

Adelaide river croc cruises enable you to get up close and personal with big beast and see the famous croc Brutus

Little surprises

While filming in remote Queensland we came across hundred of baby turtle hatching. Through out the night we also helped dig out the ones who didnt have enough strength to make it to the top
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